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Starting and investing in a company from halfway across the world is a scary notion, but that’s where agencies like us swoop in to save the day.

Diverse Workforce

The US is one of the leading forces of research, development, and innovation worldwide, making its workforce diverse and skilled in all terrains.

Investment Opportunities

The US hosts one of the most remunerative market spaces in the world, making it easier to find funding sources for your business, including banks, venture capitalists, and more.

Receptive Audience

Investors in the US are open-minded and interested in new ideas as they poured a record-breaking $330 billion into private startups in 2021.

Foreign Exposure and Prestige

The US is a hotbed of investors, suppliers, distributors, and potential customers. Having a US-based company guarantees foreign exposure and prestige.

Capitalizing on the US Dollar

The US Dollar retains its position as the world’s leading currency in international exchange. A US account will ensure simplified transactions and eliminate interest rates on foreign transactions.

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Transform Your Business from a Side Hustle to the Real Deal

It’s normal of you to ask the million-dollar question, ‘Why Get Set LLC?’ Our distinguished clients have answered that question better than we ever could. Here’s a peek.

An army of nearly 700,000 clients worldwide makes us one of the US’s leading LLC formation and registration companies. Our talented team of experts will handle all your headache-inducing tasks for you. From the paperwork to getting you your EIN, we’ve got you covered!

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